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Action   Shooter   Sport   Arcade   Puzzle   Other   Strategy   Fightning   Adventure
Fighting School
Choose to play Fano or Mao in this street fighting game

Jump or duck to escape from the fruits

Flash Life Buoys
Save as many people as you can from the ship

41st Reality
A classic arcade shooter that is highly entertaining, and will keep you com…

The Last Stand
Search for supplies during daytime and hold off the zombie hordes throughou…

Short Bus Rampage
Rampage with the bus - as the bus driver you decided to go rampage and run …

Kill a Kitten
Kill the annoying kitten with your gun

Space Cowboy
Play the role of a space cowboy and navigate the distant planet

Cell Blaster
Shoot all other spaceships you can see on screen. Your only objective is to…

Sekonda Ice Hockey
Play ice hockey at the Skonda Arena

Loki & The Catinvaders
Help Loki defend against the CAT-invader

Golden Arrow 2
Arrow shooting game

Grand Prix Challenge II
Try to complete all track before your damage reached 100%

Pick from either the female or male surfer and surf the wave!

Score as manay point as possible before the time is out

Online World Drifting Cha…
Upgrade your cars for even better drifting performace

Homerun Rally
It is the pircher versus the batter in this baseball game

Crazy Relax
Racing game with 3 unique car to choose from

Lone Faction
Kill the drones while escaping to safety

Stick RPG
Build up the level of your stick character in this RPG

Lunar Lander
Recreation of the classic lunar lander game

Element Saga ep1-4
Use techniques such as sword strike, fireball and combos to defeat enemies.

Whack a Beast
Neopets version of whack a mole classic game

Hyper Trak
Futuristic POD racing games with innovative power-ups

Tetrollapse Light
Another alone of the classic Tetris game

Little Rocketman
Choose the angle and power carefully to land safely. Bonus score with combo…

Orbox B
Guide the box to the exit. The box will move forever if it is not stopped b…

Kill the ninja warrior as the swordman

Boombot 2
Make bombs and set off barrels of tnt, senso-gel and oil barrels with the g…

Memory Game
Memory game with cute bulldog

Micro Tanks
destroy enemy tanks using cannon ball. Multiple terrain.

Love Hina
Another Japanese Anime style dating simulation

Find and collect orchids in the cave infested with snakes

This is a Flash Billaird game

Sheep Cull
Try to hit 50 sheeps with your 50 bullets

Jessica Alba Bubble Bath
Undress Jessica Alba

After 20 years of solid training and meditation, Sinjid is ready to engage …

Dark Cut 3
Operate on various persons with various ailments in the third installment o…

Phage Wars
Infect nearby cells and spread the virus while battling the antigens!

Protector 2: Reclaiming t…
A very balanced and deep game of defense!

Stormwinds 1.5
You stand now at the brink of the largest invasion our world has ever seen.…

Live the life of a spider and build your web. Use you web to catch incomin…

Sonny 1
Sonny is a turn based fighting game. You decide what move your character ma…

portal Defenders
Great, challenging cartoon-styled fighter!

Talesworth Arena
Fight your way through ten levels littered with foul creatures.

Castle Crashing The Beard
Battle Tom Fulp's beard in this funny sidescrolling fighting game.

Bot Arena 3
Design and build a team of bots that can win the BotArena Champion Cup.

Electricman2HS: The Tourn…
Compete against other teams in the Tournament of Voltagen.

Detective Grimoire
Search for clues, find evidence, talk to witnesses and solve the mystery in…

Fancy Pants Adventures 1
Wonderful line-drawn platformer featuring the adventures of Fancy Pants Man…

Nevermore 3
An adventure game featuring wonderful enviroments with nice details.

Artisticly drawn adventure game with interesting light puzzles.

Don't Look Back
Run through many fields and dungeons while dodging dangers and killing enem…

Fancy Pants Adventure 2
Wonderful line-drawn platformer featuring the adventures of Fancy Pants Man…

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